Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 3: My Chick Bad!

As a writer, you have to love your characters, the good ones, the mean ones, the boring ones, the ones you'd never be friends with.  I have to say, I'd be friends with all six of the Six Sexy Sisters.

All different and unique...and they keep evolving.  Nola Kelly can easily be my new fave Kelly sister to write about (Sarena was). Every scene with her I learn something new about her.  The first time I wrote her character in "Err'Thang About You," she was only 18 years old. She didn't have any lines. She was insecure about her looks, and did not think she could even do the "Six Sexy A$$ Sisters" campaign.  She thought violence was not the answer.

Till the first time she felt a gun in her hands!

She has continued to shock her sisters and Victor who is training her to be a deadly weapon.  She's learning five different martial arts, boxes with Victor, goes to target practice at least once a week, lifts weight five times a week, runs ten miles four times a week...and on her free time, knocks out a chick who steps to her incorrectly.

I'm 13,000 words in and she has knocked out TWO men and one female.  And we're just getting started.  She's not afraid to stand up for herself, even to Victor who continues to try and protect her from any harm.  He doesn't even like her dating, but he can't stop her.

So bring on the men!

First there is Jason, a senior at Missouri State University, and the President of his fraternity.  He can have any girl he wants, and sometimes does...but when he meets Nola (and after she knocks out one of his girls) he is smitten.  Too bad she is not so serious about him.

Then there is Rian, who she met in Six Sexy Sisters.  Now that she is single, she wants to know what dating a model would be like.  Except he's more interested in using her to further his career.

And then there is John Jay (yes, I had to name him after the Cardinal player--I just love his name).  He works at Da Factory Hitz under Big Sister Sarena.  He thinks Nola needs to be tamed...but just let him try.

Those are the MAIN guys for her right now. One or two might pop up, not sure.  All I know is, everything that comes out of her mouth is gold! Yes, I wrote a scene with Sarena last night (which she took over and wrote for me) and she still delivers the best lines, but Baby Sister is gunning in on her.

I also write a scene with was hard. She should be a wreck after everything that happened to her in the last novel.  But my Kelly sisters are strong.  You knock em down, they stand right back up!


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