Monday, November 7, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 7: R.E.S.P.E.C.T

So I have discussed Nola and Tone’s storylines a bit more, now we come to CJ.
Oh boy!  He has been a challenge for me from the get go when I introduced him in the last novel. I did not know what I wanted him to be, a bad guy or a good guy.   In fact, I will have to go back and tweak him so that he fits with where I am with him in this novel.
He’s a ladies man.  They fall all over him.  And he knows how to play them to get what he wants out of them and moves on.  He respects no women (other than his sisters—though he claims he respects his mother, he doesn’t show it).  He’s a little vain with what he is looking for, wanting a girl that is near perfection.  He wants someone like his sisters and less like his mother who he deems weak and co-dependent on a man.    
Kimiko changes things up for him.  She’s a slob, Plain Jane looking and she’s kind of an annoying pest to him staying in his room since he has left home and has his own place. 
But these two first kiss literally was the hottest scene I have written in a long, long time!
It came from the blue too, because I didn’t know how I wanted Kimiko to be other than outside of anything he is attracted.  And he continues to claim he is not attracted to her, even after the kiss.  He just avoids her at all cost.  Pledging a fraternity only enables him to dog more women.
Kimiko befriends Tenille and Nola and they give her a make-over.  This really catches CJ’s eye because now he feels justification for his attraction.  He still does not want to go public with a relationship with her.    Kimiko doesn’t realize she’s his “uncover fling.”
Will this lil boy grow up and ever learn to respect women? 

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