Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011 Day 8: Sex Game

Yep, I wrote a chapter last night about “sex game.”  I couldn’t help myself from laughing through most of it.  I’m ONLY a writer people, I am no professional on what I call “sex game.”
You know, like, “You got game!” when someone does something spectacular.  Well, “You got sex game!” that’s like the same.
So I had to dig DEEP into my imagination for this.  Tenille Kelly is home from her tour and Kimiko and Nola are her students.  Tenille is a former stripper, and according to her, “a freak in the sheets.”  She breaks it down to her two eager learners, how to entice a man.  And when Tenille gets in action, it’s a show for real.  She holds nothing back!
Wish I could detail everything taught but ummm, it's not that kind of blog!
I don’t even know if everything she taught them works…who cares, it’s not the point, but um, it’s definitely a hot, hot, HOT chapter.  And this chapter ties in so well to a chapter in the first of the series, the Kitty and Icee romance.  On their wedding night, she shows off some moves that Tenille showed her.
Yep, Tenille is a fun, fun character!  She will have a book in the series as well, and trust me I will love every moment of writing that.
Hit 39,353 words yesterday, and plan on adding another  5K tonight.

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