Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nanowrimo Day 16: Too close to reality

I’ll be honest…I’m shy about having others read my work.  This Six Sexy Sisters series started off with a “what if” dream in my head.  “What if I met and fell in love with a hot rapper?”

Pretty much from there, Icee and Kitty developed. YES, I am Kitty!  Icee, one guess.  Set in the Midwest? Enough said.  It was actually set in St. Louis, but when I decided to make this less and less like a certain rapper, I changed locales.  I kept going back and changing Icee to make him as different as possible…still have similarities….so wonder who the ex-girlfriend Bonnie is??

(I actually started combining that rapper with a certain R&B singer/actor/model/and now writer)

I was writing this for fun, never intending anyone to read it.  Then as I introduced the sisters and started loving them, I wanted to know more about them. (I come from a big family as well, 3 sisters, 4 brothers).  So many similarities in them and my sisters.  I’m not a twin, but what I call an “almost twin” (11 months apart, we started school together and did everything together).  AND one of my sisters is a fashion designer.  Oh yeah, I’m a personal trainer like Kitty (but I was not at the time I created her, LOL)

From there, I have other similarities with real life people for other characters.

Take Tone, the rapper that Icee discovers.  Well, he’s a certain young rapper out there now.  Actually two combined.  But think about a young rapper that is HOT right now, with a more established rapper as his Mentor.  Also, Tone’s love story mirrors a young Hollywood couple (Fianna is based off a real celebrity as well).

Everything else is all me, all original characters.  If there is a Nola Kelly out there, I want to meet her…then run scared from her.  If there is a CJ Kelly out there, let me stare at the eye candy, but I won’t let his playa moves sweep me off my feet.

And if you see a Killer Victor or Two-Gun Toting Hot Momma Sarena Kelly, RUN!

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