Friday, December 2, 2011

Naming Chapters

How does everyone feel about naming their chapters?

I actually LOVE doing it, but I know it’s not meant for every novel, and so I don’t.  To me, it’s like giving the novel a bunch of mini stories.  With each chapter having a beginning, middle and end, but all connecting to the main novel. My chapter names are typically revolving around what is going on in that chapter only….or sometimes, just a common theme within the novel.  Or, in the case of “Everything About You” it’s a display of all the songs in the novel because one of the main characters is a hip hop artist.  The music needs to be felt while reading the novel.

In my very first novel I wrote, chapters were divided by main characters, and each title of the chapter reflected their personality.  I have not used chapter titles for my other works in progress, but I do love it!  I want to do it for all the SSS series.  I mean, if I did it for the first one, I should do it for all.  The Nola Kelly one def would benefit from chapter titles.  Even “Six Sexy Sisters” would be better since there are six main characters…and at times their significant others’ POV.  The only way I have divided chapters now is with the person POV it is. 

So since I will be back in editing mode soon, I will get back to “Everything About You” and get it done!! 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sisters, they are so fun!

Now that Nanowrimo put me on a writing spree, I am back in blogging mode.  I will try and do it more often, discuss some of the projects I am working on.

Well, first up, finishing “Now That We Found Love.”  After that, I am for real, for real going to go back and edit and make ready the first one in the Six Sexy Sisters.  I still have issues with that one because I wrote it for fun, not for someone to read!! 

Also, I decided the order of the series, makes a lot of sense to me to the development of the story.  First there’s Kitty and Icee, "Everything About You," the story that introduces the sisters, though they are not major characters at all.  My take is, a reader will read this and want more of the sisters.  You get that feel some time around the end.  Like, why are they badasses?  What other dirt have they done? 

Then there is “Six Sexy Sisters” because in this one, you get to finally learn more about each sister as they develop even more and each face some drama.  This was supposed to be it.  I had to do a sequel to “Everything About You” because a stalker was out there for them, and I had to conclude that.

Somewhere in “SSS” it hit me, they all need their own story!  I think Nola Kelly  and Tone started that feeling for me because, even though they were in a solid relationship, it was starting to weaken.  I wanted to develop their relationship more.  Then having the long lost brother CJ around their age was a bonus!

But I wasn’t sure about the other sisters.  I mean, Ashley dies on “SSS” so what do you do?  Make a prequel!  So for that, I decided Sarena Kelly and Victor ST. James love story was interesting enough.  It is!    This also shows how the sisters and Victor’s relationship began.  It also develops Sarena into the deadly weapon she becomes.   This novel is PIVOTAL to the series, but being the fourth installment works because the reader can say , “Oh, I get it now!”

I mean, you can read them in order, but to me, it’s not the same effect.

But then, I wanted to do Tenille’s next, which would come after Nola’s, but I decided if it’s all back and forth, that’s chaotic.  So here’s what is next:
Ashley Kelly-(prequel)Her journey wilding out the two years she spends in St. Louis, MO before she gets pregnant.
Krystle & Kitty Kelly-(prequel)Yes, Kitty gets another story!  I felt like because they are twins, and nearly connected at the hip around the time this one will be written, it worked.  I will try and focus mainly on Krys, but this one may be the most “gangsta” because the twins are hardcore.  Also, this one will be pivotal because they will lose their mother in this one.
Tenille Kelly-It is better to end with her as a wrap-up of what is going on in the others’ lives.  It is going to be glammed out because Tenille will be on her second album and the others will have seen major success as well.  Excited to end with this novel!

But as I stated yesterday, the Kelly sisters will live on!  Well, not ever as main characters again, with the exception of Nola Kelly.  This will be more like a thriller/suspense novel series.  I’m thinking like the Alex Cross series.  But if you watch Criminal Minds on TV, that is more of what she will do, profile serial killers.