Friday, December 2, 2011

Naming Chapters

How does everyone feel about naming their chapters?

I actually LOVE doing it, but I know it’s not meant for every novel, and so I don’t.  To me, it’s like giving the novel a bunch of mini stories.  With each chapter having a beginning, middle and end, but all connecting to the main novel. My chapter names are typically revolving around what is going on in that chapter only….or sometimes, just a common theme within the novel.  Or, in the case of “Everything About You” it’s a display of all the songs in the novel because one of the main characters is a hip hop artist.  The music needs to be felt while reading the novel.

In my very first novel I wrote, chapters were divided by main characters, and each title of the chapter reflected their personality.  I have not used chapter titles for my other works in progress, but I do love it!  I want to do it for all the SSS series.  I mean, if I did it for the first one, I should do it for all.  The Nola Kelly one def would benefit from chapter titles.  Even “Six Sexy Sisters” would be better since there are six main characters…and at times their significant others’ POV.  The only way I have divided chapters now is with the person POV it is. 

So since I will be back in editing mode soon, I will get back to “Everything About You” and get it done!! 

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  1. I go back and forth on chapter names. As a writer, I understand why we use them. However, as a reader, I hardly notice them or give them much thought within the context of the story. When I listen to books on tape, they are actually quite distracting.