Friday, November 2, 2012

Ashley Kelly Don't Play!

Nanowrimo 2012 began yesterday and so I write!

Of course you know I have continued writing in the Six Sexy Sisters series.  This is book 5 of 7.  A quick run down in case you missed what this series is all about.

The Kelly sisters are very crazy, fun, exciting, smart, independent and super sexy women.  They also are deadly weapons.  The series starts with Kitrina (Kitty) Kelly who meets superstar rapper Icee.  From there they are all pushed into fame somehow.  We are first introduced to Ashley Kelly as the second oldest sister. She may be the prettiest of all the sisters, well, according to her.

She owns her own beauty salon but along with the rest of her sisters, she starts to model for Kitty and her twin Krystle's clothing line KStyle Fashions.  After Kitty gets pregnant and has a baby, Ashley takes over as spokesmodel.  In the second of the series, we dig more into the life of Ashley.  She has a daughter and she is involved with TWO men.  Both are madly in love with her and refuse to give her up.  She doesn't know who she is in love with and can't let them go.

Ashley has breast cancer and battles it in this second book, ultimately losing the battle at the end.

So how can she be in the fifth book? Easy, it's a prequel!

This fifth installment starts when Ashley is 19.  Some important questions are answered here.  One, why did she move to St. Louis for a few years. Two, how did she end up falling for two guys.  Three, why can't she ever have an orgasm.

Hell, I did not even know some of these questions when I first wrote her storyline in the second book.  I tend to let the characters tell me their story as I write and I have no idea what is going on with them.  It has worked well with these highly complex stories of these six women.  Of course, momma Kelly is there to guide her girls and Victor St. James is the tough love big brother to them all.  Sarena Kelly and Victor are married and have their first daughter.   

Knowing that Ashley will die at the age of 29, I want her to live her life to the fullest!  She did not have any regrets when she knew her life was over because she enjoyed the life she had.  So you know this book will be a blast to write because this girl is LIVING!!  Oh the crazy things she will do...and I have no idea yet, lol!

The story will cover probably 2-3 years as most of the books in the series has done. 

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