Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The end of Nanowrimo 2012

When I started this novel, I can truly say I had no idea what I would be writing.  I knew the main character.  I thought I knew all the side characters.  I did not.  I thought it would be a roller coaster of crazy schemes with Ashley Kelly. 

None of that.  I think Ashley was pretty tame...I mean, compared to how I really wanted her to be.  Trust me, she gets into some mess (four people knocked out, two killed) but really, she could have done so much damage.  And as her motto goes, "People always want to f*#@ with me!"  It's only right she defend herself.

The story I ended up writing as not the one I had in my head.  Like I said before, the characters tell me their story as I write it.  I rather like this process.  It makes for good twists I can't even plan.  they just happen.  This one had many!

I could go on and on and relive this yet titled story. I love and hate it. Doing it for Nanowrimo, I always feel rushed, BUT that's when the story just tells itself.  I had no problems writing the second my first nano year, and the third and fourth last year.  This one there were problems only because I as being pulled in all directions.  So many other things going on in my life.  There were days I did not write anything at all, and that's a first.

I love this one because everything seemed fresh.  The sisters were not in this one much, it was strictly Ashley so I could really focus on developing her.  And Victor....what can I say about Victor.  He's almost worthy of his own book, but he had his time in the fourth one.

Two more books in the series to go!  Both are interesting, Kryssy the fashion designer and Tenille the superstar Diva.  Kryssy's will be next and a prequel again.  And because she is twins with Kitty and I flippin love her, it will actually follow both of them.  Tenille's will be the last of the series and tie up loose ends (err, most lose ends). 

And then that will be it.  But not really...

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